Welcome to the fam! 

BMR glitter frames will cover the corner holes of your number plate. If you need corner holes to attach the number plate to your car, we recommend purchasing a universal AU backing plate or drilling new screw holes.

Every frame set comes with a set of screws. Type 1 - screws for metal (usually boot). Type 2 - screws for plastic (usually bumper). Screws are a universal fit for any type of car.

1. Take a moment to appreciate the blingy-ness of your new bling! (tip: check it out in full sun, we know you won’t be disappointed😜).

2. Use a screwdriver to remove your number plate and the old frame, if required.

3. Remove any dust or dirt from your number plate and the surrounding area

4. Insert the screws through the number plate before attaching to the car to avoid any damage to the bling

5. Insert the number plate into the bottom clips (wider part is the bottom). You might need to work on this as even the slightest bend in the plate can make it tricky. Please remember to be gentle with the frame while attaching it 😉

6. When the bottom is in place, push the top of the number plate into the frame until it clicks, making sure the screws are still attached.



7. Align the screws and holes

8. Use a screwdriver (not a drill) to tighten the screws securely. Gentle pull up on the frame to avoid damaging the edges.

9. Remove protective film from the adhesive dots of the “I’ve been blinged” card and attach it to the front of your number plate to hide your details from any photos.. Sticker dots will prevent the card from falling off while taking pictures of your bling frames

10. Share your bling on Instagram using #blingmyridefam for a chance to be featured

Congratulations! You’ve been blinged!