Embellish every journey

Whether your car is your ride or die, or simply a way of getting from A to B, our custom number plate frames and accessories will add wow factor to your wheels.

Designed with love in sunny Perth, our curated range includes options for the fussy, the frivolous and the fancy.

Jazz up the school run, make grocery shopping glamorous or go for a spin just for the hell of it. Ferrari or Ford, Tesla or Toyota, we’ll have you blinging whatever your ride.

Easy to apply and care for

We know when you get your hands on a set of frames from Bling My Ride, you’ll want to show them off pronto. That’s why our accessories are quick and easy to apply.

Exceptional quality and durable materials, combined with our detailed instructions and aftercare tips will keep your bling blinging for years of enjoyment.

Is there such a thing as too much bling?

Nope. Our number plate frames are legal and ready to mingle. As long as the full registration number is visible, there’s no limit to the amount of bling you can bring to the road.

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